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Proficiency Testing:

As part of our commitment to producing quality results, Lambton Scientific participates in the CALA (Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation) administered Proficiency Testing (PT) program. This prgram is considered one of the fundamental cornerstones of our Quality Management Program and a vital mechanism for continuous improvement efforts. Lambton Scientific participates in all existing PT programs for the tests/analytes that we commonly perform and ultimately report to our clients. Samples with unknown concentrations of specific target parameters (inorganics, metals, organics) are analyzed by members within this association using established in-house analytical procedures. As a testament to our growth in size and scope of capabilities, Lambton Scientific has increased from 15 parameters of proficiency testing in 1999 to 63 in 2003 to 96 in 2007 to 237 presently (see table below for our latest results). Also, we are also committed to adding any new parameters that CALA makes available, if that analyte is something we routinely report.

Sets of PT samples are sent out to participating laboratories and each set consists of four individual samples with a diverse range of concentrations.  Samples are received quarterly (Fall/fall for conventionals and aqueous metals; summer/Summer for organics and soil metals).  In many cases, the PT samples to be analyzed are complex, real world and/or fortified matrices (i.e. municipal wastewaters, soils/sediments, etc) as opposed to simply fortified, distilled water samples.  The complex nature of these PT samples can provide laboratories with valuable information as to the effects of sample matrix on the reported analytical results.  Results are mathematically compared to consensus values to produce a Proficiency  Test Score.  Based on the scoring for the individual tests or analytes, laboratories are considered to have one of three possible outcomes or status:  "Proficient" (PT Score > 70%), or under "Possible Suspension" (one time PT Score of < 70%) or "Suspended" (two consecutive PT scores of < 70%).  Another strength for this program is the important ramifications associated with a PT score of < 70%.  In these cases corrective actions are required in a timely manner.  A Corrective Action Report (CAR) is automatically triggered, as a mechanism to study any deficiencies in the analytical method / procedure,  rectify the deficiency, and ultimately lead to continuous improvement. A monetary fine is also imposed for parameter suspensions.  For more information on the CALA PT program, please visit their website at


CALA Proficiency Testing (PT) recognition if PT score for the specified parameter is 70% or more.
* ?Value calculated internally using CALA supplied result information.

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