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In lab reporting, it’s absolutely vital.
In any relationship, communication is the key to a successful partnership.  When that relationship involves laboratory reporting, it is essential that communication be clear, accurate and tailored to the needs of each specific client.  Success can be assured only through strict adherence to  set criteria that encompass every aspect involved.  This is perhaps best understood when the form and functions of  laboratory reports are examined one by one:

  1. the correct people (and only the correct people) must be copied on pertinent information,
  2. sample information must be made precise and unambiguous, 
  3. It must be confirmed that appropriate test methods are selected, that these methods are compatible with the sample matrix, and that parameters compare to relevant regulatory criteria, and
  4. testing was completed when required. 

Putting it all together
Lambton Scientific takes pride in putting all of this together in a manner that leads to successful client  partnerships.  At the heart of those successes lies a client-focused delivery system involving hardcopy and electronic Chain of Custody (CoC) documentation.  It is a system that covers the who, what, when, where and why in total and complete detail, including correctness-confirmation statements on incoming sample submissions.  Lambton Scientific also creates customized CoC forms which ensure routine and repeat testing meet regulatory compliance.

Value-added benefits
Once analyses are complete, Lambton Scientific  reports via traditional communication systems like telephone, fax and e-mail.  These reporting methods allow for clients to  immediately respond and react in times of upset.

Spreadsheet reporting is another avenue that permits many client-focused benefits.  Client data or qualifiers can be included, which allows us to compare analytical results to internal or regulatory limits.  Spreadsheets can be customized to make it easier for clients to work with the data on their end, while also allowing data to be integrated into client information systems to track histories, trends and forecasts.

Lambton Scientific’s digitally signed reporting system creates validated and protected documents which can be easily archived or forwarded to regulatory agencies.  Our web-based archiving allows clients access to historical reports during off-hours, including rapid tracking of trends and forecasts.   Additionally, our non-traditional communication systems like FTP upload/download allow text-file reports to be integrated with client servers, removing risk of human and data transposition error.

With unique area-industry experience, Lambton Scientific’s knowledgeable staff  is always available to answer client questions and aid in proper test-method selection.  After laboratory reports are communicated to clients, our staff is on hand to interpret and explain results.

Bottom line
When the relationship involves laboratory reporting, nothing is more important than clear, complete and totally customized client communication.  That is why as a client-focused company, Lambton Scientific will be the first to work with you via any and all future communications technology. Please contact Lambton Scientific at or 519-344-4747 to learn more.

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