Behind the Numbers

Beyond the Big-Box Approach

Traditional production laboratories focus on sample capacity and processing time. Yet, unique or difficult matrices require more time and may involve non-routine sample preparations.

Lambton Scientific is a full-service analytical laboratory that is not limited to cookbook chemistry found in traditional labs. Our comprehensive services range from routine analyses to specialty testing services. All services are flexible, demand-based and tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our technical expertise and understanding of industrial processes, along with our industry-leading analytical instrumentation, allows us to provide specific solutions to our customers’ requirements.

How custom is Lambton Scientific?

  • Client-based analytics: In addition to providing well established, internationally recognized methods and procedures, Lambton Scientific specializes in developing unique methodologies as required by our clients
  • Tailor-made reporting templates: Lambton Scientific can ensure our clients react faster to upsets by having qualifying values reported (flags) along with result data. When data exceeds limits, clients are contacted directly and the variance is brought to their attention.
  • Rapid turn-around times: We commonly report results same-day, next-day or on an emergency off-hour basis – times that are typically unheard of in the analytical testing industry.
  • Local presence = industry expertise: More than 20 years in Sarnia-Lambton has provided us with a profound knowledge and experience with samples containing difficult matrices common to the petrochemical industry. Our familiarity with local conditions and our customers’ products enables us to operate with a high level of expertise and unique insights into our clients’ specialized issues.
  • Customized report delivery: Lambton Scientific can present final reports in many formats including: spreadsheet, PDF, text file or something in between to meet your specific need. These formats can also be delivered to customers by multiple techniques such as: email, fax, phone, texting, FTP or online access. Our ability to generate customized reports, allow clients to drastically reduce the time spent dealing with the paper burden associated with regulatory and internal reporting.

Lambton Scientific provides a full spectrum of analytical services, and we are dedicated to helping clients meet regulatory requirements. We take pride in knowing that our involvement with clients goes beyond analysis and report delivery, and instead we act as a partner in problem solving and environmental reporting.

To find out how Lambton Scientific can better assist with your analytical and reporting needs, please feel free to contact us at or 519-344-4747.

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